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First steps with mutt

Since I discovered task to be one of the most useful and in fact usable applications I tend to look for command line solutions to more and more of my daily tasks. First came newsbeuter, a newsreader that can sync with your Google Reader account and is advertised as „the mutt of newsreaders“. Consequently I had to check out mutt, an e-mail client for the shell. It is supposed to suck – as all mail clients do, according to the author of it – but less than the rest of them. And I guess if you get the hang of it this is true. For beginners there is a newbie guide in the wiki, but as it turns out, there are some discrepancies between their idea of a newbie and what is to be found between my keyboard and chair. So for those who like me want to get started quickly without (yet) diving deep into configuration, here is how I got things going.